41 Workers Finally See Hope After Being Trapped in Uttarkashi Tunnel

Wearing hard hats and looking hopeful, 41 workers stuck in a tunnel in Uttarakhand for a tough 10 days due to a landslide blocking their way out were finally seen this morning. The exciting moment happened when a camera was cleverly moved through a six-inch pipe, connecting to the rescue teams using walkie-talkies, who are working really hard to bring them to safety.

The arduous task facing the rescuers involves navigating through a formidable obstacle—a debris pile measuring around 40 meters in thickness. This hurdle proves particularly daunting due to the unique topography and soil composition characteristic of the Himalayan region.

In a significant development around 3:45 am today, the faces of the workers were captured on camera, eliciting a wave of excitement among the rescue teams. However, the gravity of the situation quickly set in, prompting the rescuers to deliberate on the strategic steps ahead. Reassuring messages were conveyed to the trapped workers, emphasizing that help is imminent. Alongside these assurances, the rescuers issued a series of instructions, underscoring their commitment to swiftly navigating the challenging terrain to bring relief to those awaiting rescue.

“Hey, are you guys okay? If you’re fine, come in front of the camera, raise your hands, and give us a smile,” the workers were told through the walkie-talkie. In response, they lined up in front of the camera, showing faces with a week’s worth of stubble. They waved to let everyone know they’re doing okay.

“Don’t worry, we’ll reach you very soon. Come in front of the camera one by one so we can show your families that you’re alright,” reassured a rescuer.

Next, the workers were asked to take the camera from inside the pipe and focus it on each of them. “We can see you very clearly,” mentioned a rescuer, making sure they received the walkie-talkie sent through the pipe. Once confirmed, the rescuers guided them on how to use the walkie-talkie.

This camera and walkie-talkie connection is a big deal in the ongoing rescue effort. The six-inch pipe that made its way through the rubble is a lifeline, allowing the workers to receive essential supplies like food and medicine. The visual and voice connection now serves to motivate and reassure the workers during their anxious wait to get back home.

In this morning’s footage, rescue workers were heard planning to send food to the trapped workers. Khichdi and Daliya were mentioned as some of the dishes to be sent through the pipe, according to a report by Bharat Details.

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On Monday, shortly after the pipe was set up, the workers received bottles of khichdi. This marked their first proper meal in 10 days.

Since November 12, 41 workers have been trapped following a landslide in the tunnel under construction. Situated between Silkyara and Dandalgaon in Uttarakhand, this tunnel is a crucial component of the government’s ambitious Char Dham projects, intended to connect Uttarkashi and Yamunotri through a proposed road.

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