Alia Bhatt’s Deepfake Viral Video: Government’s Plan to Address the Issue

Alia Bhatt’s Deepfake Viral Video: A few days after the government announced possible new rules to penalize those making and hosting deepfake videos, citing them as a threat to democracy, a deepfake video of Alia Bhatt has surfaced online.

Alia Bhatt is the latest celebrity affected by deepfake tech, where AI changes both visuals and sound to make fake content look real. This advanced technology can be misused, and Alia’s face has been used in a fake video. It’s a reminder of the need to be aware of and tackle the issues caused by this tricky technology.

In a circulating deepfake video featuring Alia Bhatt, she appears wearing a blue floral outfit and making inappropriate gestures toward the camera.

Fake videos of celebrities have been around for a while. Recently, a video of popular actress Rashmika Mandanna went viral, leading many celebrities to speak out against it. This made the government consider taking action. However, despite these concerns, people continue to misuse this technology. Shortly after, a fake photo of Katrina Kaif circulated, and Kajol also fell victim to the negative impact of AI technology.

What is government doing?

A few days back, the Information Technology Minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw, spoke to the media about the rising threat of deepfake technology in society. He emphasized the need for quick action and mentioned a recent meeting with social media platforms. The focus is on four key areas: detecting, preventing, creating a reporting system for deepfakes, and increasing public awareness.

The minister mentioned that social media platforms agree on the importance of finding, stopping, and improving reporting for deepfake videos and photos. Google also stated its commitment to responsible AI development, with strong policies and systems to find and remove harmful content from its products and platforms.

“We’re grateful for the chance to talk with the government and industry partners about creating protections for fake content. We’re working on tools to deal with the risks,” the spokesperson mentioned.

At the same time, the recent deepfake video of Alia Bhatt has raised concerns, emphasizing the need for quick action.

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