Best Trending Android Mobile Games in India

Best Trending Android Mobile Games in India: Are you searching for enjoyable Android mobile games to play in 2023? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of the best 10 games that are currently popular among gamers in India. Whether you’re into intense battle royale action, traditional board games, or immersive racing experiences, these games cover a variety of genres to cater to different tastes.

Prepare yourself for exciting virtual adventures and hours of gaming fun directly on your mobile device. Our picks are influenced by the most popular gaming apps currently trending on the Play Store.


Genre: Shooter Video Game
Developer: Garena International
Platforms: Android, iOS
Publisher: Garena International
Initial release date: 28 September 2021
Engine: Unity

Jump onto a faraway island, battle to stay alive, and defeat rivals in Garena’s Free Fire Max. You get to pick where you start, use vehicles, and plan your moves to be the sole survivor in this intense battle royale game. It’s important to know that even though Free Fire got banned, Free Fire Max can be played in India right now.


Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows 10, iOS, macOS, Android TV, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8
Developer: Gametion
Publishers: Gametion, Gametion Global, Gamotronix
Mode: Multiplayer video game
Genre: Mobile game
Initial release date: 20 February 2016
Engine: Unity

Ludo King is a popular mobile game that brings the classic board game of Ludo to your fingertips. It’s a fun and engaging multiplayer experience that you can enjoy with friends and family, both near and far. The game offers a user-friendly interface, allowing players to roll the dice, move their tokens, and aim for victory in a virtual version of the timeless Ludo board. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, Ludo King is a great way to have a good time and reminisce about the traditional board game in a digital format.


Platforms: Android, iOS
Initial release date: 17 May 2022
Genres: Battle royale game, First-person shooter, Third-person shooter, Multiplayer online game
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Nominations: The Game Award for Best Mobile Game
Series: Titanfall

Explore the excitement of the hero shooter trend through Apex Legends Mobile, a game that mirrors the essence of its well-loved PC and console counterpart. Dive into thrilling combat scenarios by selecting a character endowed with distinct abilities, all while delving into exclusive mobile mechanics such as the perk system. Look forward to encountering the mobile-exclusive Legend, Fade, and anticipate additional content tailored specifically for mobile gaming enthusiasts.


Mode: Multiplayer video game
Composer: Tom Salta
Developer: KRAFTON
Platforms: Android, iOS
Publisher: KRAFTON
Initial release date: 2 July 2021
Series: PUBG: Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds Mobile India stands as the Indian iteration of PUBG Mobile, crafted exclusively for players in India. Developed and published by Krafton, it is an online multiplayer battle royale game designed to captivate gaming enthusiasts. The game first launched on July 2, 2021, for Android devices and later, on August 18, 2021, for iOS devices. With its roots in the PUBG: Battlegrounds series, this version offers a localized and thrilling gaming experience. The multiplayer mode provides an intense battle royale setting, allowing players to engage in strategic combat. Tom Salta’s composition adds to the immersive atmosphere of the game. Available on Android and iOS platforms, Battlegrounds Mobile India has quickly become a popular choice for gamers looking for an action-packed and culturally tailored battle royale experience.


Genres: Shooter Video Game, Multiplayer online game
Developer: Appsomniacs LLC
Platforms: Android, iOS
Publisher: Miniclip

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia invites you to immerse yourself in thrilling multiplayer combat set in a lively 2D cartoon world. Engage in battles against up to six online players, utilizing easy-to-master dual stick shooting controls and the excitement of jetpack flight. With over 20 diverse maps to explore, you’ll navigate through the action-packed terrain armed with both modern and futuristic weapons. For even more endless fun, there’s the option to dive into offline Survival mode. Whether you’re soaring through the skies or strategizing on the ground, Mini Militia offers an exciting and accessible gaming experience for players of all levels.


Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, Microsoft Windows, MORE
Designer: Marc García
Mode: Multiplayer video game
Genres: Racing Video Game, Action game, Racing
Developers: Gameloft, Gameloft Iberica S.A.U.
Publisher: Gameloft
Initial release date: 26 February 2018

Asphalt 9: Legends, an exhilarating racing video game, offers high-speed thrills across various platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Android, and Microsoft Windows. Designed by Marc García, the game features an engaging multiplayer mode that adds a competitive edge to the racing experience. Released on February 26, 2018, Asphalt 9 delivers heart-pounding action and belongs to the genres of racing video game and action game. Developed by Gameloft and Gameloft Iberica S.A.U., with publishing duties handled by Gameloft, the game showcases stunning visuals, a variety of racing modes, and a fleet of luxurious cars. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or an action gaming aficionado, Asphalt 9 promises an adrenaline-packed journey across different platforms.


Developer: King
Genre: Puzzle Video Game
Publisher: King
Initial release date: 12 April 2012
Awards: People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Mobile Game
Nominations: People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Mobile Game, MORE
Platforms: Android, iOS, Web browser, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Tizen, Fire OS

Candy Crush Saga, a wildly popular free-to-play tile-matching video game, was launched by King on April 12, 2012, initially on Facebook. Following its success, versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 were subsequently introduced. Stemming from their browser game Candy Crush, this puzzle video game has become a global sensation. King, the developer and publisher, has earned recognition for Candy Crush Saga, winning the People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Mobile Game. The game is accessible across various platforms, including Android, iOS, web browsers, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Tizen, and Fire OS. Renowned for its addictive gameplay and colorful design, Candy Crush Saga continues to captivate players around the world, offering a sweet blend of challenge and entertainment.


Developer: Roblox Corporation
Modes: Multiplayer video game, Single-player video game
Nominations: Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Videogame, BAFTA Games Award for EE Mobile Game of the Year
Genres: First-person shooter, Simulation Video Game, MORE
Platforms: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, MORE
Publisher: Roblox Corporation
Initial release date: 1 September 2006

Roblox, developed by Roblox Corporation, is a fantastic gaming platform offering both multiplayer and single-player modes for players to enjoy. It has received nominations for the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Videogame and the BAFTA Games Award for EE Mobile Game of the Year. This versatile game falls into various genres, including first-person shooter and simulation video game. Available on platforms like Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Android, Roblox has become a popular choice for gamers of all ages. Published by Roblox Corporation, the game first hit the scene on September 1, 2006, and has since provided a creative and engaging space for players to explore and enjoy a variety of virtual adventures.


Developers: miHoYo, Shanghai Miha Touring Film Technology Co., Ltd.
Platforms: PlayStation 4, GeForce Now, Android, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, iOS
Initial release date: 28 September 2020
Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
Awards: The Game Award for Best Mobile Game, The Game Award – Player’s Voice Award
Nominations: The Game Award for Best Role Playing Game, MORE
Composer: Yu-peng Chen

Genshin Impact is an awesome mobile game developed by miHoYo and Shanghai Miha Touring Film Technology Co., Ltd. It’s available on various platforms like PlayStation 4, GeForce Now, Android, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, and iOS. The game first came out on September 28, 2020, offering both single-player and multiplayer modes for players to enjoy. Genshin Impact has earned some impressive awards, including The Game Award for Best Mobile Game and The Game Award – Player’s Voice Award. It has also received nominations for The Game Award for Best Role Playing Game and more. The music that adds to the game’s atmosphere is composed by Yu-peng Chen. With its stunning visuals and exciting gameplay, Genshin Impact has become a favorite among gamers around the world.


Developer: Next Wave Multimedia Private Limited
Publisher: Next Wave Multimedia Private Limited
Platforms: Android, iOS
Initial release date: 9 September 2020
Series: World Cricket Championship

World Cricket Championship 3 is an engaging mobile cricket game developed and published by Next Wave Multimedia Private Limited. Released on September 9, 2020, the game is available on both Android and iOS platforms. As part of the World Cricket Championship series, this installment offers cricket enthusiasts an immersive gaming experience on their mobile devices. With realistic gameplay, detailed graphics, and a variety of features, World Cricket Championship 3 captures the essence of cricket, allowing players to indulge in the excitement of the sport wherever they go. Whether you’re a casual player or a devoted cricket fan, this game brings the thrill of the cricket field right to your fingertips.


  • Free Fire Max
  • Ludo King
  • Apex Legends Mobile
  • Mini Militia
  • Asphalt 9
  • Candy Crush
  • Roblox
  • Genshin Impact
  • World Cricket Championship 3

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