Maratha Reservation Activist Manoj Jarange Patil Ends Fast: Maharashtra Govt Accepts Demands

Following a prolonged struggle for Maratha reservation, activist Manoj Jarange Patil has concluded his hunger strike as the Maharashtra government has acceded to all demands regarding the Maratha community.

The movement, spearheaded by Patil, held significant sway in Maharashtra, advocating for Maratha rights and reservations.

Patil initiated his hunger strike on January 19, 2024, resolved to sustain himself solely on water until his demands were met. His key demands included the issuance of Kunbi certificates to all blood relatives of 57 lakh Marathas with Kunbi ancestry, provision of caste certificates, free education from kindergarten to postgraduate level for Maratha boys and girls, continuation of the Sandeep Shinde committee’s work for a year, no recruitment in government jobs without Maratha quota, and withdrawal of criminal cases against past Maratha reservation protesters.

Demonstrating unwavering commitment, Patil gave the Maharashtra government a 24-hour ultimatum to address these demands, ready to mobilize supporters towards Azad Maidan if not met. However, the government’s decision to accept the demands has effectively concluded the protest.

This development signifies a pivotal moment for the Maratha community, as their longstanding demands for reservation in education and government roles, previously denied by the Supreme Court, are now recognized by the state government.

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Who is Manoj Jarange Patil

Originally from the neighboring Beed district, Manoj Jarange-Patil settled in Shahgad, Jalna district, after getting married.

Around 15 years ago, he became involved in the movement advocating for Maratha community reservations in government jobs and education. He took part in numerous marches and protests, even selling 2.5 acres of his four-acre agricultural land to sustain himself.

Initially associated with the Congress, Jarange-Patil later established the Shivba Sanghatana to coordinate protests for Maratha reservation rights.

Manoj Jarange Patil

Following the Supreme Court’s annulment of the Maratha reservation quota in 2021, Jarange-Patil actively participated in protests, including a three-month agitation in Sasht-Pimpalgaon, Jalna district, where he was joined by hundreds of supporters.

His hunger strike in September last year at Ataravali-Sarate village brought him significant attention as a Maratha activist.

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