Time To Put On A Mask Even At Home To Avoid Going Out Unnecessarily: The Government

The government said on Monday that the time has come to wear a mask even at home, in what could be interpreted as an acknowledgment of a widespread Covid-19 infection and a warning to the public.

Dr VK Paul, Member (Health), Niti Aayog, told a press conference on India’s Covid-19 situation that now is the time to stay at home, wear a mask, and avoid inviting people. He went on to say that people should not leave their homes prematurely.

“If anyone in the family has tested positive for Covid-19, it is important that they wear a mask even while they are indoors because the virus will spread to everyone in the house. I’d rather continue by saying that the time has come for us to start wearing masks at home, even though we don’t have to “Dr. VK Paul said the following.

He said that up until now, we had only discussed wearing masks outside, but that now that the infection has spread, people should wear masks even at home. “It is required of the infected individual, but it is also required of others when seated with other family members at home. The infected person should be segregated from the rest of the group in a separate room “Dr. Paul stated the following.

Meanwhile, the government has requested that anyone experiencing symptoms related to Covid-19 be isolated immediately. “You need not wait for the reports to arrive. Isolate yourself. If RT-PCR tests are negative, assume that the patient is Covid-19 positive if symptoms exist “AIIMS New Delhi Director Dr. Randeep Guleria said.

Lav Agarwal, the Union Joint Secretary for Health, also emphasised the dangers of not wearing a mask.

According to research, two individuals who do not wear a mask and do not maintain sufficient social distance have a 90% chance of contracting an infection. He claims that if the unaffected individual wears a mask, the risk is reduced by 30%.

Physical distancing steps are also essential, according to Agarwal, who claims that if they are ignored, an infected patient can infect 406 people in 30 days. If he takes physical distancing steps, he just has a chance of infecting 2.5 people in 30 days.

The government’s advice to mask up even at home comes as India grapples with a huge increase in Covid-19 incidents.

The government claims the rise is exponential, despite the twin challenges of a collapsing health system and mutating viruses, including the double mutant variant.

Its internal evaluation also predicts that by the middle of May, the number of cases will have peaked. Uttar Pradesh is expected to record 1.19 lakh cases by April 30, while Maharashtra is expected to report over 99,000 cases every day.

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