1 Dead In Massive Fire At Slums In Azad Nagar At Mira-Bhayandar

Mira-Bhayandar: Reports indicate that around 20 fire engines were quickly dispatched to extinguish the fire, according to officials. There are reports of injuries among individuals affected by the blaze.

Early Wednesday morning saw a devastating fire erupt in a densely populated slum near the Golden Nest circle in Bhayandar (east), leaving hundreds homeless. The blaze, which ignited around 5:30 am in Azad Nagar, a slum also housing numerous scrap warehouses with hazardous materials, caused panic and chaos.

Sanjay Katkar, head of the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC), promptly arrived at the scene, coordinating with officials from nearby cities to deploy additional fire trucks. A total of 14 fire trucks from Mumbai, Thane, and Vasai-Virar, in addition to MBMC’s ten, battled the flames, supported by 12 water tankers.

The call for help came at 5:55 am. Tragically, Deepak Chourasia, known as Pappu, aged 42, succumbed to severe burns, while five others, including two children and three firefighters – Shivaji Sawant, Santosh Patil, and Hitesh – sustained injuries during rescue efforts. Thankfully, hundreds were safely evacuated,” stated Prakash Borade, the chief fire officer.”

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Massive loss of property reported

A significant amount of property damage occurred as approximately 50 huts, along with numerous scrap warehouses and other businesses, were destroyed in the fire. Over 134 firefighters worked for over four hours to extinguish the flames. While the exact cause remains under investigation, initial reports suggest that a short circuit in a scrap warehouse sparked the fire, which then spread throughout the area. Residents also reported hearing loud explosions, possibly from gas cylinder blasts, contributing to the intensity of the blaze.

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A firefighter stated, ‘We suspect that four gas cylinders exploded, but we managed to safely remove eight more cylinders and seven air compressors used for industrial purposes.’ Meanwhile, lawmaker Pratap Sarnaik and volunteers from Bhayandar, led by Jameel Shaikh and Azim Tamboli, visited the site. They arranged food and other essentials for those displaced by the fire, emphasizing the urgent need for better safety regulations, particularly in densely populated slum areas in the twin cities.

Five fire trucks quickly responded to the scene and began firefighting efforts. Local authorities also arrived promptly upon hearing about the tragedy. While no casualties have been reported, the damage to property posed a significant challenge for the slum residents.

Images of the fire depicted large flames engulfing the slum, with thick black smoke filling the sky. Onlookers, likely residents, gathered to witness the flames, with some attempting to help extinguish the blaze.

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