Dhiraj Sahu, Congress MP, Speaks Out on Rs 350 Cr Cash Discovery: Says ‘Money is Not All Mine!!’

After a 10-day consecutive search operation at Dhiraj Sahu’s residence, more than Rs. 350 crore in cash was recovered. This marks the highest-ever cash seizure made by any investigative agency in India to date.

The Jharkhand Congress MP Dhiraj Sahu finally spoke out on Friday, claiming that the money recovered did not belong to him. On Friday, the Income Tax Department searched Sahu’s residences in what was described as the “highest-ever” raids in the history of the nation. The leader of Congress went on to say that the funds that were taken by the federal agency had nothing to do with Congress or any other political party, but rather were connected to his liquor companies.

In his initial response to the 10-day I-T searches and the agency’s discovery of over Rs 350 crore in cash, Sahu acknowledged that the funds were connected to his liquor companies and the processes involved in the selling of alcoholic beverages.


“What is happening today makes me sad. I can admit that the money that has been recovered belongs to my firm. The cash that has been recovered is related to my liquor firms, it is the proceedings from the sale of liquor,”

Dhiraj Sahu

“This money has nothing to do with Congress or any other political party. The money is not all mine, it belongs to my family and other related firms. I will give account for everything,” he added.

Following investigations into Boudh Distillery Pvt Ltd and linked entities owned by the Congress legislator and his family in Odisha, the Income Tax Department concluded its search operations on Friday, December 15. The intensive 10-day raids resulted in the recovery of more than Rs 350 crore in cash, marking the most significant cash seizure ever conducted by an investigative agency in India.

Controversy Erupts Regarding Cash Discovery in Odisha Politics

Following the emergence of the Congress Rajya Sabha MP’s involvement in the Odisha cash discovery, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) swiftly criticized the Congress, alleging corruption. The Congress party, however, distanced itself from the raids, asserting that only Sahu could clarify the cash recoveries.

In response to the substantial cash recovery, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a dig at the Congress party on Tuesday, suggesting, “Why indulge in ‘Money Heist’ fiction when we have the Congress Party in India.”

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Posted by the BJP, a video displaying crores of cash seized during the ongoing I-T raids in Odisha was shared by PM Modi on X. His comment read, “Why resort to ‘Money Heist’ fiction in India when the Congress Party’s legendary heists have been ongoing for 70 years!”

Ravi Shankar Prasad, a BJP leader, questioned Sahu’s apparent lack of awareness regarding the Rs 300 crore cash found in his residence. He labeled the recovery as the “biggest raid in India’s history.”

Named “CONGRESS UNVEILS MONEY HEIST,” the BJP released a one-minute video displaying the money recovered by I-T officials during the Odisha cash haul associated with Congress leader Dhiraj Sahu. The clip included a portrayal of Rahul Gandhi resembling a character from the Netflix drama, expressing enthusiasm at the sight of the currency notes pile.

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