Elon Musk intends to implant a Neuralink Chip into his Brain, but what exactly is it and what does it do? 

Elon Musk stated that he will have the Neuralink Chip implanted in his brain during one of the demos. As we all know, Elon Musk owns Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter, which he recently bought for about $44 billion. But apart from these companies, one more company that is owned by Elon Musk is a Neural Interface Technology Company named “Neuralink.” Did you know this before? Elon Musk adding to his mission, has started this company that has built a chip that will be implanted in the brains of disabled people to help them. But the best part is that he will have this chip implanted into his brain during one of the demonstrations. 

Now, let’s go over the questions you’re probably wondering about, such as what the Neuralink is and how it can help the disabled. 

What is Neuralink Chip?

Neuralink Chip is an AI-powered microchip with the ability to read and record brain activities. This chip may help disabled people by passing commands from their brain to their body and also by helping them communicate properly. The most interesting fact about this Neuralink chip is, it will help physically challenged people operate a smartphone with their mind, even way faster than someone using their hands. This fact was claimed by Musk in 2016.

How will this Neuaralink chip work?

Neuralink chip that is small in size is surgically implanted in the human brain. The chip contains a bunch of wires that are claimed to be 20 times thinner than human hair. The chip containing wires that are spread into a human brain is equipped with 1024 electrodes to keep track of brain activities and electrically stimulate the brain. This chip can easily be connected to a computer using the built-in wireless technology in it to transfer data easily, which can be used by researchers for further studies.

How is this chip helpful? What all can be done using the Neuralink chip?

According to the team at Neuralink and the claims made by the company, this chip can read human thoughts and even let you communicate with machines without opening your mouth. Initially, according to the company, this chip can allow people to operate routine life devices like smartphones and computers.

“We want to be extremely careful and certain that it will work well before putting a device into a human,”

Musk said during a much-awaited public update on the device.

It has been a long time since the company has been working on this AI-powered technology, which has been tested on animals. The Neuralink Chip has been successfully implanted in the brains of a monkey and a pig. Following successful attempts to implant this chip in the brains of monkeys and pigs, the company has announced that testing and trials on a human brain will begin within the next six months.

“We think probably in about six months, we should be able to have a Neuralink installed in a human,”

Musk said at the event.

Several neurological diseases like paralysis, blindness, memory loss, and many more can be cured using this AI-powered technology.

Is it safe? What if anything goes wrong—can it be removed?

Earlier this year, the company claimed that after several successful attempts, it was now safe to implant in someone’s brain to cure diseases.

“Neuralink’s working well in monkeys, and we’re actually doing just a lot of testing and just confirming that it’s very safe and reliable and the Neuralink device can be removed safely.”

As of now, the company has not received FDA approval to sell the device, and Elon Musk is awaiting government approval for his AI-powered technology.

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