How to Create an NFC Digital Business Card?

What does NFC Digital Business Card mean, and how does it differ from traditional paper visiting cards?

People are now into sharing contacts without actually touching anything, and that’s a good thing. The way we connect with others is all digital now, and everyone wants a quick way to share and save contact info. That’s where NFC business cards come in—they’re super popular among iPhone and Android users.

The newest iPhones all have this cool feature called NFC reading, making it easy for you to use NFC business cards. And guess what? Lots of the big Android phone brands have also added NFC reading to their devices.

So, what’s so great about these NFC Digital business cards? Well, they have a tiny chip inside that lets you share contacts with just one tap. You touch your NFC Digital business card to someone’s phone, and bam! They get your digital business card link and save all your contact details.

If you’re tired of regular old paper cards and want to step up your networking game, think about switching to the best NFC business cards. They make connecting with others a breeze!

Here’s how to make your own NFC Digital Business Card.

Step-by-step guide to creating an NFC Digital business card

Making an NFC business card is incredibly simple and reasonably priced. It only takes a few minutes to make and doesn’t require any specialised tools, equipment, or knowledge. Additionally, it doesn’t strain your budget.

To build an NFC digital business card, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Purchasing an NFC card

The first step is to buy an NFC card, which you can easily purchase from Amazon.

1. Go to

2. Search for “NFC business card” in the search box. A lot of products will appear. 

3. Depending on your needs and budget, choose the best NFC business card. You might need to purchase a pack of at least five NFC cards because most merchants sell them in packs.

Note: The majority of NFC business cards are made of one of two materials: plastic or metal. Depending on your requirements, you can choose any.


Step 2: Creating a digital business card

Making a digital business card is the next stage, and QRCodeChimp has you covered in this area as well. This is the process for making a digital business card.

NFC Business Card - vCard
  1. Visit first.
  2. Select vCard Plus by going to the Solutions page. Select “Switch to the new vCard version” after that. Alternatively, you can go straight to the page at
  3. Create your digital business card and save it. 
  4. Copy the digital business card URL. 

Step 3: Writing the NFC business card

The NFC business card must then have the digital business card URL written on it. This is the procedure.

  1. Download your preferred NFC writing app. For this lesson, we used NFC Tools, which you can get from the Play Store and App Store.
  2. Launch the software NFC Tools.
  3. Select “Write” and then “Add a record.” You’ll see a list of data kinds.
Digital Business Card
  1. Select the URL of the digital business card in the URL field after selecting the URL option. Next, select OK.
Digital Business Card

5. Go back to the app’s home screen and select Write. In the end, pick the “Write” option. There will be a “Ready to Scan” prompt.

6. Place the NFC card against your phone’s back. If the tag is written, a confirmation box will appear on your screen.


That is essentially it. With just one tap, you can now share your contact details using your NFC business card.

Note: By printing your digital business card’s QR code on your NFC business card, you can improve it even further. In the event that a person’s smartphone lacks NFC functionality, they can still acquire your contact details by simply scanning the QR code.

Benefits of an NFC business card

NFC business cards can help you network more effectively in today’s fast-paced environment by facilitating the instant sharing of your contact information.

Let’s examine a few benefits of utilising an NFC business card.

Quick and contactless contact sharing

With an NFC business card, you can quickly share your contact details. Users can tap your NFC card on their phone to view the details. The user does not need to manually enter and store the phone number or other details; the process only takes a few seconds.

Faster, more seamless networking

Because it takes so long to save contacts on business cards, most of them are thrown away after only a week. Business cards using NFC overcome that obstacle. With an NFC business card, you may improve your networking efforts and make new connections by sharing contact information instantaneously.

Update your information anytime

You can change the information on digital business cards made with QRCodeChimp whenever you want, and it won’t change the web link (URL). So, you can keep using the same digital and NFC business card even after updating your details.

Even if you get a new web link for your digital business card, no need to stress! Just follow the steps mentioned earlier to write the new link. After you update your NFC business card, others will see the new link when they tap the card.

No risk of losing information

There is always a chance that a paper business card will be misplaced or lost when exchanging contact information. With NFC business cards, though, such is not the case. A user can access your digital business card URL by tapping your NFC business card with their phone.

Best practices for your NFC business card

Here are some tips to follow to make the best NFC business cards.

Put a QR code on your NFC business card

Some smartphones may not support NFC. Or sometimes they might not be able to scan it even if they do. Your business card with a QR code on it will guarantee that devices without NFC support can also store your contact information.

Create an amazing digital business card

The quality of your digital business card will have a major impact on how successful your NFC business card is. Thus, invest some time in making a superior digital business card that will support your networking endeavours.

Select a good NFC application

A good NFC application is necessary if you want to write and edit your NFC business card with ease. Choose an app with all the features you need and that is easy to use by doing some research.

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You should definitely include NFC business cards in your networking endeavours. An NFC business card allows you to communicate your contact details with just one tap.

Nearly all iPhone users may easily touch and connect with you because all new iOS devices come with NFC capabilities. Comparably, most Android smartphones also have NFC readers, which allows about 80% of Android users to connect with just a tap. The remaining users can quickly create a connection by scanning your printed QR code if their phone does not support NFC.

You may now expand your network without depending on antiquated paper business cards. Simply tap an NFC business card to get started.

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