Shocking Mira Road Murder Case: Woman’s Body Crushed with Tree Cutter and Mixer, Boiled in Pressure Cooker

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  • In a horrifying incident of homicide, a 32-year-old woman was savagely killed and subsequently dismembered by her 56-year-old live-in companion in the region of Thane, Maharashtra.

Mira Road Murder Case: In a gruesome crime that sent shivers down the spine, a man residing with his partner in Mumbai resorted to horrifying measures to dispose of her body. The accused, identified as Manoj Sane, allegedly used a tree cutter to dismember the corpse before boiling the body parts in a pressure cooker to eliminate any foul odor. The macabre remains were then concealed in plastic bags for disposal.

The victim, Saraswati Vaidya, a 32-year-old woman, fell prey to her 56-year-old live-in partner’s brutal act in Thane, Maharashtra. The couple had been residing together in a rented flat in the Akashganga building, Mira Road, for the past three years.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Jayant Bajbale of Mira-Bhayandar, Vasai-Virar Police, stated that while it was true that the accused had boiled the body parts, he denied claims of feeding them to dogs. Upon entering the residence, law enforcement authorities discovered multiple body parts in various utensils. Manoj Sane was arrested and is currently in police custody until June 16. The body parts have been sent to JJ Hospital for further examination.

According to the police, the accused used a pressure cooker to boil the dismembered body parts, which were subsequently packed in plastic bags for disposal.

The incident came to light when residents of the building reported a foul smell emanating from the couple’s flat, prompting the Nayanagar police station to intervene. Preliminary investigations revealed that Saraswati Vaidya had been brutally murdered. It is believed that the murder was the result of a dispute between the couple. The police have taken the accused’s statement and are conducting further interrogations to determine the motive behind the heinous act.

Utkarsha Rupwate, a member of the Maharashtra State Commission for Women, expressed shock at the incident and emphasized the importance of vigilance among community members to prevent such incidents. The murder remained unnoticed for several days within the large society.

The forensic team arrived at the couple’s residence on Thursday, subsequent to their visit to the Naya Nagar Police Station in relation to the murder in Mira Road.

This incident, which came to light several days after the murder, serves as a grim reminder of a similar tragedy that occurred in Delhi last year, where a 27-year-old woman named Shraddha Walkar was brutally killed by her live-in partner.

Did They Get Married? And if They Did, Why Did They Keep it a Secret?

Yes, The MBVV Police, talking to media, revealed that the accused and victim were in fact married to each other.

During the investigation, we have found out that the victim and accused were married and they had informed this to the victim’s sisters also, they hid this from the others because of their age difference…

DCP Jayant Bajbale told news agency Bharat Details

As per Deputy Commissioner of Police Jayant Bajbale, Manoj Sane and Saraswati got married in a temple, but the specific date of their marriage remains undisclosed. Saraswati, who was 32 years old, and Manoj Sane, aged 56, were in this union.

During the investigation, Saraswati’s three sisters revealed this information to the police. To confirm the accuracy of the claim, law enforcement authorities plan to compare the DNA from Saraswati’s remains with that of her three sisters in order to establish a match.

Horrifying Ways to Dispose of a Body

According to reports, Sane is said to have used an electric tree cutter to chop Vaidya’s body into smaller pieces. Shockingly, some of these body parts were then boiled in a pressure cooker and cooked on a gas stove to make them easier to dispose of. Sane stored these dismembered pieces in different kitchen containers, making it difficult for the police to accurately determine the exact count of the pieces.

Was Manoj Sane found to be HIV positive?

Yes, In the initial investigation, Sane revealed to the police that he became aware of his HIV-positive condition in 2008. He stated that he contracted the disease from contaminated blood during a previous medical treatment following an accident. Sane has been taking medication for his condition since then.

Live Investigation And Forensic Analysis

The police investigation is currently underway, and they are working alongside medical experts to identify the specific body parts that are missing from the dismembered remains. Additionally, the electric cutter that was used in the crime has been confiscated as evidence. The collected body parts have been sent to Sir JJ Hospital for forensic analysis.

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