Twitter Has Resolved The ‘Memphis’ Issue

Accounts that were mistakenly removed for tweeting the word “Memphis” have been restored.

According to Twitter, a number of accounts were restored after they were mistakenly removed for tweeting the word Memphis.

“Due to a bug, a number of accounts that Tweeted the word “Memphis” were briefly blocked. The problem has been resolved, and the accounts have been restored. We’re sorry this happened,” the social media giant said via its official Support account on Twitter.

After tweeting the word “Memphis,” a number of Twitter users had their accounts suspended for 12 hours on Sunday. According to the Independent, several people discovered the bug after posting a photo of Dutch professional soccer player Memphis Depay.


Security features are being worked on.

The problem was also detailed in a report from Gizmodo, whose account (@pithyalyse) had been suspended for the same reason. Despite the fact that the accounts had been restored, users whose accounts had been suspended were still having problems, according to the study. According to Gizmodo, some users were denied access to their accounts unless they removed a tweet that included the word “Memphis.”

Some features were also reduced, such as tweeting and retweeting. Apart from claiming that it was a “bug,” Twitter offered no further clarification as to what caused the problem.

Twitter, on the other hand, recently announced that it is working on a variety of new safety features for the platform.

It aims to add a feature that enables users to automatically block and mute abusive or spammy accounts. In a slide presented at the company’s Analyst Day last month, the microblogging platform listed a new “Safety Mode” feature. Users can use the Safety Mode feature to automatically block and mute certain accounts. Users can use the Safety Mode feature to automatically block and mute certain accounts.

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